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marker     A New Era in Targeted Anti-Viral Therapeutics

NanoViricides, Inc. is a globally leading company in the application of nanomedicine technologies to the complex issues of viral diseases. The nanoviricide® technology enables direct attacks at multiple points on a virus particle. It is believed that such attacks would lead to the virus particle becoming ineffective at infecting cells. Antibodies in contrast attack a virus particle at only a maximum of two attachment points per antibody. In addition, the nanoviricide technology also simultaneously enables attacking the rapid intracellular reproduction of the virus by incorporating one or more active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) within the core of the nanoviricide. The nanoviricide technology is the only technology in the world, to the best of our knowledge, that is capable of both (a) attacking extracellular virus, thereby breaking the reinfection cycle, and simultaneously (b) disrupting intracellular production of the virus, thereby enabling complete control of a virus infection.

Our anti-viral therapeutics, that we call "nanoviricides®" are designed to appear to the virus like the native host cell surface to which it binds. Since these binding sites for a given virus do not change despite mutations and other changes in the virus, we believe that our drugs will be broad-spectrum, i.e. effective against most if not all strains, types, or subtypes, of a given virus, provided the virus-binding portion of the nanoviricide is engineered appropriately. Viruses would not be able to escape the nanoviricide by viral mutations since they continue to bind to the same cellular receptor and thus would be captured by the nanoviricide. Virus escape by mutations is a major problem in the treatment of viral diseases using conventional drugs.

marker     Versatile Platform Technology

A nanoviricide is created by chemically attaching a virus-binding ligand, derived from the binding site of the virus on its cell surface receptor, to a nanomicelle flexible polymer. This binding site does not change significantly when a virus mutates

Tailor-made design and selection of (1) the virus-binding ligand; and (2) the backbone "nanomicelle", separately, allows us to rapidly optimize drug candidates (a) against a number of viruses; (b) for desired pharmacokinetic characteristics (e.g. sustained effect); and (c) for different routes of administration. This versatility is unmatched in the Industry.

Virus-specific nanoviricides have been created against important viruses such as HIV, Influenza and Bird Flu by choosing highly virus-specific ligands

Broad-spectrum nanoviricides have been created that can bind to possibly as many as 90-95% of known viruses. The Company is developing broad-spectrum nanoviricides to combat several neglected tropical diseases, such as Dengue, Rabies, and Ebola/Marburg. This is similar to antibiotics such as penicillin against bacteria that exploit a feature common to all bacteria.

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