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We believe that our technologies and capabilities for attacking different viruses are fairly well demonstrated. In addition, we have developed "Accurate-Drug-In-Field(™)" or ADIF(™) technologies that may show efficacy in treating epidemics like H5N1, SARS or Ebola by developing a targeted therapeutic in the field to prevent the spread of the disease.

ADIF technology does not require any knowledge of the molecular biology of the virus, or even its specific identification. An accurate drug, specifically targeted at the virus, can be developed in the field from nanomicelles stockpiled beforehand. This enables a rapid response timeframe as short as 3 weeks for initial drug doses, and potentially less than 3 months for sufficient doses to curb the spread of the virus outside the affected area. Thus ADIF technologies are applicable to novel, or engineered viruses, or emerging infections whether natural or man-made. This technology may have significant applications in the Biodefense area. We believe that this is the only technology that can enable humans to combat novel viruses before they spread disease.

We have already successfully demonstrated the ADIF technology capabilities.



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